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Welcome to the official website of Herd4Christ, a campus ministry of the 26th Street church of Christ on the campus of Marshall University in Huntington, WV. Look through our site & take the time to see some of the things we do. Make sure to check out the website for the 26th Street church of Christ as well. You won't find a more sound & loving congregation of Christians anywhere. If you're visiting Marshall on a Sunday or Wednesday, take the time to stop by & worship with us at 26th Street. We'd love to get to know you better & let you get to know us better as well. We provide rides to all worship services & activities for all students needing transportation. If you have any questions whatsoever, you can contact our campus minister, Chris Roberts, at Herd4Christ@Yahoo.com.

This Weeks Activities:

Coffee With Chris
(Wednesday,  September 21 @ 9am @ the Starbucks in the MU Student Center)
Chris Roberts will be @ the MU Student Center Starbucks @ 9am for some coffee & uplifting fellowship this Wednesday morning. If you can't make it @ 9am, he plans to be around until Noon. Feel free to stop by & see him.

If you have any questions or need a ride, please contact Chris Roberts at  Herd4Christ@Yahoo.com.

Wednesday Night Bible Class

(Wednesday,  September 21 @ 7pm @ the 26th St. church of Christ)
I will continue teaching our Wednesday night class on the topic of "Flood Faith: Lessons from the Ark".  We’ll be looking in-depth at the biblical account of Noah & the Ark & the many lessons we can take from it.  I’m very excited about this class & I hope you are as well.  This week we’ll begin looking at the Ark itself & attempt to answer some of the many questions surrounding it such as: “What did the Ark look like?” “How big was the Ark?”  “How was it able to stay afloat?”  “How did all of those animals fit on the Ark to begin with?”  I hope you take the time to be a part of this class.

If you have any questions or need a ride, please contact Chris Roberts at  Herd4Christ@Yahoo.com.

Dinner & A Movie Night
(Thursday, September 22 @ 7pm @ the Roberts' Home)
We eat an awesome home-cooked meal & then watch a really good movie voted on by majority rule, unless it’s someone’s birthday & then they get their pick of the movie. This week, in honor of Brandon Haguewood’s birthday, he will get his pick of the movie to watch.  It's a great time to get away, relax & enjoy time among Christian friends. On the menu this week: Lasagna Soup.

If you need directions, have any questions, or need a ride please contact Chris Roberts @ Herd4Christ@Yahoo.com.

"Super City-Wide Scavenger Hunt" Devo

(Friday, September 23 @ 6pm @ the 26th Street church of Christ building & all over Huntington)
It's once again time for our annual Super City-Wide Scavenger Hunt Devo & you really don’t want to miss this one. If you’ve never done one of these before, you’re in for a treat. It is one of my personal favorites & it’s a lot of fun.
We'll meet at the 26th Street church of Christ building at 6pm & enjoy a fine meal together. After the meal, we'll split into teams & have our City-Wide Scavenger Hunt. As the name suggests, your team will be following clues that will take you all over Huntington in an effort to score the most points. Win or lose, this is always a fun time. You will end up at the Roberts’ home, where we’ll award prizes & have our Devotional (singing, lesson & prayer). If you have a car & will be able to come, please let me know. We'll need one driver per team & at least one camera/phone per team. I hope you can all make it. It's a great way to kick off your weekend.
If you have any questions, or need a ride please contact Chris Roberts @ Herd4Christ@Yahoo.com.

Sunday Bible Class, Worship & Family Dinner

(Sunday, September 25 @ 9:45am & 6pm @ the 26th Street church of Christ)
Ben Allan will continue teaching our class this Quarter on “The Jesus I Never Knew”.  It is based off of the book of the same title. We'll be taking a closer look at Jesus & His motivations &, hopefully, come away with a better understanding of our Savior.  Please take the time to be a part of this class as it promises to be wonderful.
After class we'll enjoy a time of worship together. Plan to stick around after worship for our Family Dinner.  Don't forget to be back for worship at 6pm.
If you need a ride to church, please contact Chris Roberts @ Herd4Christ@Yahoo.com, so that we can arrange to pick you up.

The Great Debate 2016
(Tuesday, September 27 @ 6:30pm @ the Harless Media Room)
A formal debate concerning the existence of God will take place on Tuesday, September 27 at the Mershon Auditorium on the campus of Ohio State University @ 6:30pm.  The 2 men who will be debating are both high profile academics & should be a good, insightful debate.  Alexander Rosenberg, Professor of Philosophy at Duke University, will be affirming the position, “Since I know that there is vast human suffering, I know that a benevolent, omnipotent God does not exist”.  Ralph Gilmore, Professor of Bible & Philosophy at Freed-Hardeman University, will be affirming the position, “The use of suffering as a moral criticism against God implies the absolute moral law of God; therefore, God exists”.
The debate will be streamed live & we’ve reserved a room on campus, the Harless Media Room, in order to view it together.  Please join us for this historic debate & feel free to invite friends.
If you have any questions, please contact Chris Roberts @ Herd4Christ@Yahoo.com.

Learn to sing "Lord Be There" 
This is a beautiful song & one that I would like us all to learn to sing.  It requires four distinct parts (Soprano, Tenor, Alto & Bass).  I've included each individual part below.  Sing along with the part you wish to learn & we can sing it together at devotionals.  To hear what it sounds like with all the parts together, click on it under Volume 2 on the left of your screen.

Lord Be There Soprano Part            Lord Be There Tenor Part

Lord Be There Alto Part                 Lord Be There Bass Part
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Join us on
1. Lord Reign in Me

2. You Are the Words & the Music

3. Where the Soul Never Dies

4. Don't Be Afraid

5. The Battle Belongs to the Lord

6. Make Me a Servant

7. Blue Skies & Rainbows

8. Get Right Church

9. Our God, He is Alive
10. Have You Seen Jesus My Lord

11. We Will Glorify

12. Restore My Soul

13. Days of Elijah

14. Prince of Peace

15. Come Thou Fount

16. A Common Love

17. Lord Be There (Chris Version)

18. Shine Jesus Shine (Chris & Mike)
Herd4Christ Sings Volume 1, 2 & 3 available for download
(Left click on song to listen to it. Right click on song & select "save as" to download to your computer or personal device)
*Also on CD by request
From the inside cover of Volume 3:  We are Herd4Christ, a campus ministry of the 26th Street church of Christ. This is the third CD we have put together as a group. While we are not professional singers, we do love to praise our Lord with our voices as He would have us to do. I hope that you enjoy our third humble attempt at putting together some of our favorite songs on this CD. If you don't know some of them, take the time to learn them. It is our hope that these songs will help to lift your spirit. I would like to thank all our singers. This wouldn't be possible without you.
Volume 1
Volume 2
1. You Are My All In All

2. Sing & Be Happy

3. Light The Fire

4. This World Is Not My Home

5. The Greatest Commands

6. Mansion Over The Hilltop
7. Jesus Is Lord

8. There's Not A Friend

9. Sanctuary

10. In Christ Alone

11. Amen

12. Someday (Chris Version)

13. Amazing Feeling (Chris & Mike)
Volume 3
1. Here I Am To Worship

2. Revive Us Again

3. As The Deer

4. We Trust In The Name Of The Lord

5. Hide Me Away O Lord

6. Ain't No Rock

7. Lamb Of God

8. It Is Well With My Soul

9. Let Us Worship
10. Jesus Let Us Come To Know You

11. Unto Thee, O Lord

12. Said I Wasn't

13. Hear, O Israel

14. I Will Call Upon The Lord

15. We Are One In The Spirit

16. Bind Us Together

17. Create In Me A Clean Heart (Chris)

18. Awesome God (Chris & Mike)
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